Assisted research


The Morgan Deed. Kew Historical Society Collection

The Kew Historical Society has a small group of researchers who are able to provide research assistance to individuals and groups who are unable to complete personal research with our Research Self-help Fact Sheet.

Because research takes time, skill and patience, the Society regrets that it can only offer this service for a fee. The fee for conducting research into the history of a person, a family, an organisation, a business, or a street is set at an hourly rate. The total cost will depend on the complexity of the research required. Recently a request to research the history of a house took approximately five hours. The task was made simpler by there being a limited number of owner-occupiers.

This service charge is usually $25 per hour (minimum charge of $100). Members receive the first hour of research for free.

If you wish to access these services, please contact the Secretary <>.