The collections of the Kew Historical Society include bound and unbound archives, audiovisual materials,  books, costumes & textiles, maps, and pictures, These are stored in the Kew Heritage Centre within the Kew Library, and at the Kew Court House. Items in our collection have been donated by members and friends of the Society over a sixty-year period. For information about donating items to the Society, please access our Donating Items page.


Additions to the collection in 2023 include:

  1. Dresses of Mary Ann Henty dating from 1842 to 1880

    Major collection of 19th and 20th clothing  and accessories owned by Mary Ann (Lawrence) Henty, and her daughter, Alice (Henty) Hindson. Gift of the descendants of Francis Henty.

  2. Books – Three books on the art of the furrier. Gift of Gerald Davis.
  3. Photographs – Five black and white photographs and negatives. Gift of M. Holmes.
  4. City of Boroondara Annual Reports. Gift of Brad Miles.
  5. Book – History of Ruyton 1878-1956 by Hilda Daniell. Gift of Ruyton Girls’ School.
  6. Book – History of Ruyton 1878-1956 by Hilda Daniell. Gift of Felicity Renowden.
  7. Trophy – Kew High School Old Boys Cup won by N. Vans in 1880. Gift of Joanne Houssenloge.
  8. Photograph – William John Lamb, Station Master (1925-43), East Kew Railway Station. Gift of Sam di Clemente.
  9. Medal – Bicentennial memento for School Students. Gift of Felicity Renowden.
  10. Books – Three books on fashion accessories (shoes, fans, bags). Gift of Robert Baker.
  11. Book – Antique Lace: identifying types and techniques by Heather Toomer. Gift of Robert Baker.
  12. Badge – Our Heroes Carnival, Kew (1918). Gift of Brighton Historical Society.
  13. Clothing – Opera Coat. Gift of Robyn Fankhauser.
  14. Clothing – Red and white cape. Gift of Robyn Fankhauser.
  15. Book – Failed Ambitions: Kew Cottages and Changing Ideas of Intellectual Disabilities by Monl L-A & Henderson D et al. Purchased by KHS.
  16. Photograph – 1st Boronia Guide Company at Kew Traffic School, 1961. Gift of Tatura & District Historical Society

Additions to the collection in 2022 include:

  1. Sound recording of the Yarra Yarra River Jazz Band with Judy Jacques Vol 1. Trophy shield of the 3rd Kew Inter Patrol Competition Awarded Half Yearly For General Scoutcraft. Sovereign Inventions of the Twentieth Century / by Edward Cressy. Gift of Brad Miles.
  2. Map of Kew and Kew East postcodes. MMTB timetable (1979). A Report to Ratepayers (1974). Gift of J. Jones.
  3. Madford: the home of A.S. King. Gift of Jim Pearson, 2022

    Painting of ‘Madford: the home of A.S. King‘. Gift of James Pearson

  4. Additions to the Dr Cliff Judge Collection, including documents, professional papers, audio tapes and photos. Gift of Astrid Judge.
  5. Collection of historic documents, photographs, andbooks collected by Dorothy Benyei. Gift of Jamie and Jonathan Benyei.
  6. Printed reports produced for and about the Kew Football Club, presented by Ian Job.
  7. 10oz milk bottle produced for the Model Dairy, presented by Fran and Malcolm Paul.
  8. Silver and crystal necklace worn by the Mayoress of Kew to functions during the centenary of Kew, presented by Janet Dickinson.
  9. Framed original drawing of a house in Marshall Avenue, Kew.
  10. Printed on stone: the lithographs of Charles Troedel, presented by the author, Amanda Scardamaglia.
  11. White jersey and guipure lace wedding dress made by ‘Franke, Stuart’ of Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn in 1975. Two crocheted Irish lace items (collar, jabot); a late Victorian tape lace pelerine; a tape lace collar; and a silk and lace cap. An early 20th century child’s smocked silk dress and an exquisite rhinestone and velvet evening bag, purchased in London in 1955, presented by Kate Reeve.
  12. City of Boroondara flag used by Kew Scouts at parades and public events, presented by Brad Miles.
  13. East Kew Primary School Centenary documents and a book on Louis Kahan, presented by Desley Reid.
  14. Gold-coloured chain and medallion, purchased as part of a Norma Tullo outfit in the late 1960s, presented by Desley Reid.
  15. An illustration by A.M.E. Bale for the 1904 Pickwick portfolio, purchased by Friends of the Collection.
  16. A silver and crystal Kew Bowling Club President’s trophy awarded to W Howieson in 1885-86, presented by Graeme and Rina Adam.
  17. A small archive of materials relating to James Robbie Mather, Mayor of Kew 1930-31 on his resignation from Kew Council, purchased by the Society from funds donated by members.
  18. MMTB tramway destination roll, including locations served by the Kew Depot, presented by Robert Baker and Margaret Robinson.
  19. Oil painting of a snow scene by Donald Cameron, presented in memory of Prue McColl by Virginia Kemp.
  20. M&MTB Roster Clerks 1948, presented by Elizabeth Nolan.
  21. Book,’ Lizzie’s Journey to Yarra Bend, presented by Linley Walker.
  22. Three hats by Anne Harrison of Kew’, presented by Alison Vickers.
  23. Framed water colour and gauche on paper of ‘Kew’s Creative Cuisine‘, presented by Heather Oliver.
  24. 1st Kew Scouts recipe book, and school and other badges, presented by Susanne Chandler
  25. Book, ‘Our schools and the War‘, presented by Rosalie Triolo.
  26. Kew District Wolf Cubs Jubilee Sports Trophy (Swimming), presented by Brad Miles.
  27. Large collection of documents, photographs and artefacts relating to Vida May Wing, Hubert McDonald and Jean Hornby, presented by Anna French.


Significance Assessment is the process of studying and understanding the meanings and values of objects and collections. It identifies the historic, aesthetic, scientific and social values that an object or collection has for past, present and future generations. A Significance Assessment (PDF, 1MB) of our collection was funded through a Community Heritage Grant in 2017. The assessment described the entire collection while focussing on the framed photographs in the civic collection, costumes, and maps & plans. A new Significance Assessment has been awarded for an evaluation of our Henty Family Collection in 2023-4.


A Preservation Needs Assessment is used to define need and initiate a planning process to enable a cultural organisation to reduce risks to the collection, and better allocate resources for preservation over time. A Preservation Needs Assessment (PDF, 6.6MB) of our collection was funded through a Community Heritage Grant. The assessment was carried out by Vanessa Kowalski of Grimwade Conservation Services. (PDF, 6.6MB)


The Victorian Museums and Galleries Association (Victoria) Awards acknowledge the hard work undertaken by organisations in documenting and preserving their heritage materials. Award recipients are chosen based on the quality, quantity and public accessibility of collection entries produced over a 12-month period. Kew Historical Society won the award for excellence in cataloguing by volunteer-run organisations in 2021, and again in 2022.


In 2019, the Kew Historical Society was declared by the Victorian Government a Class-B Place of Deposit for Government Records. Many of the items in our Civic Collection derive from donations made by the former City of Kew, many of which are classified as Government Records. Most of these, and indeed other items in the collection can be viewed by appointment.

Items which we have digitised can also be accessed at the Kew Historical Society’s section of Victorian Collections.