Winifred Noble, ca.1900-1912. Kew Historical Society collection

Winifred Noble, ca.1900-1912. Kew Historical Society collection

On the front page of its quarterly newsletter, the Kew Historical Society affirms its commitment to serve the community, families, schools, students, historians and other researchers. The Society supports different kinds of research. It provides advice about how you can research the history of a house, a person or a family. It also provides access to documents and resources that have been collected over 60+ years.

Research group
A research group, comprised of members of the Society actively works to identify areas requiring research and to document these. Examples of such research are published in the Society’s newsletter and on the History section of this website. In 2019, we researched and published From Municipality to City: Chairmen and Mayors of Kew, copies of which are available to purchase.

Information and advice
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